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1. Cell Biology: Re: Alternate mathods to diagnose abnormal hemoglobin besides electrophoresis?, John R Engen, Faculty, Chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, University of New Mexico Thu Jan 30 23:27:56 2003
2. Biochemistry: Re: how are proteins sequenced?, Clare Peters-Libeu, Post-doc/Fellow, Protein Chemistry, Gladstone Institute for Cardiovascular Disease Wed Sep 29 18:01:42 1999
3. Biochemistry: Re: What is top-down/bottom-up protein characterization in mass spectrometry?, Luis Sojo, Faculty, Chemistry, Simon Fraser University Sun May 27 09:43:23 2007
4. Biochemistry: Re: What are two methods of identifying, rather than separating, an amino acid?, Rafael Garcia, Faculty, Fats, oils and Animal Co-Products, USDA-ARS Wed Sep 26 07:02:26 2007
5. Biochemistry: Re: How can I determine the amino acid sequence for caspase proteolysis?, Karin Crowhurst, Post-doc/Fellow, Biochemistry Wed Feb 14 14:16:33 2007
6. Molecular Biology: Re: How ,do bilogists determine the amino-acid sequence of a protein molecule?, Sebastien De Landtsheer, Undergraduate, Immunology, Laboratoire National de Santé Fri Sep 22 00:53:02 2006
7. Anatomy : Re: Why does ones urine have a distinctive aroma after eating aspargus?, Michael Onken, WashU Thu Mar 27 09:58:17 1997


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