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1. Genetics: Re: In human cloning, can sea mammels eggs be used as a host for human DNA., Charles Harris, Graduate Student, Biology/Biomedical Sciences Wed Nov 22 17:13:35 2000
2. Evolution: Re: Why gene structure differs in archaea, eubacteria and eukaryotes, Brian Foley, Post-doc/Fellow Molecular Genetics Tue Jan 22 19:07:07 2002
3. Evolution: Re: I need to know is our mitochrondria strong enough to evolutionalize again?, Steve Mack, Post-doc/Fellow, Molecular and Cell Biology Tue May 3 14:51:07 2005
4. Cell Biology: When does organelle replication happen in Mitosis/Meiosis?, David, undergrad Mon Feb 25 16:28:18 2008
5. Cell Biology: Re: how do the mitochondria and the nuclei communicate with eachother?, Kevin, Grad student, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, George Mason University Wed Jan 17 14:56:28 2007
6. Development: Re: In vitro fertilization of a oocyte with the nuclei from another oocyte..., Paul Szauter, Staff, Mouse Genome Informatics, The Jackson Laboratory Wed Mar 21 12:42:21 2001
7. Cell Biology: Re: how do proteins move through the cell?, Michael Maguire, Faculty,Case Western Reserve Univ. Fri Jul 21 10:23:06 2000
8. Genetics : Re: What's the length of a strand of human DNA compared to other animals?, robert deyes, Grad student Medical Genetics Thu Feb 27 11:02:19 1997
9. Molecular Biology: Re: IS genetic engineereing good enough to clone mammoths?, Paul Szauter, Staff, Mouse Genome Informatics Mon Aug 7 08:02:04 2006
10. Genetics: Re: What gene controls the anti-aging process in the turritopsis nutricula?, dave armstrong, Faculty, Biology, Cedars Tutoring, Qatar Mon Jan 17 01:49:16 2011
11. Genetics: Re: Do mothers or fathers contribute more genetic code to their offspring?, Alex Brands, Post-doc/Fellow, Biological ciences, Lehigh University Wed Sep 8 13:02:33 2004
12. Science History: Re: How do social scientists determine pop. figures before census were taken?, Steve Mack, Post-doc/Fellow, Molecular and Cell Biology Wed Oct 26 16:36:42 2005
13. Biochemistry: Re: Glycolysis: How does NAD*H 'know' oxygen is present in the mitochondria , Terry Hebert, Faculty, Universite de Montreal, Biochemistry, Montréal Heart Institute Tue Nov 10 13:27:25 1998
14. Cell Biology: Re: which part of cell controls the rate of metabolism of cell?, Jeff Buzby, Ph.D., CHOC Research Institute Wed Jun 30 14:40:00 2010
15. Cell Biology: Re: Why is Glucose used as THE food molecule for the cell?, Josef Berger, Faculty General Biology, School of Biology South Bohemian University Mon Oct 26 11:31:29 1998
16. Genetics: Re: What type of genetic information does a new baby contain, Ian WHITE, Secondary School Teacher, Biology 11-19, Godalming College Thu Nov 4 23:37:37 2004
17. Biochemistry: Re: Why are enzymes so big?, Michael Onken, MadSci Admin Wed Oct 24 16:47:47 2001
18. Neuroscience: Alzheimer's and Parkinson's--a cure, a corelation?, Brian C. Bogda, undergrad Thu Nov 12 16:04:24 1998
19. Science History: Re: How do we know the specifics about the electron transport chain?, Matthew Champion, Grad student, Biochemistry/Biophysics Texas A&M University Wed Dec 13 14:44:06 2000
20. Cell Biology: Re: Do apoptotic cells consume oxygen?, Michael Onken, Moderator, MadSci Network Fri Mar 18 14:29:29 2005
21. Evolution: Re: Why does the mitochondrial evidence contradict the Multiregional hyp. , , Tue Feb 15 15:21:49 2000
22. Evolution: Re: Where did Caucasian peoples first evolve?, Steve Mack, Post-doc/Fellow, Molecular and Cell Biology Tue Jul 29 13:55:55 2003
23. Cell Biology: Re: mitochondria virus?, Angela Reese, Study Coordinator, CaP GENES (Prostate Cancer Genetics Study), Cleveland Clinic Foundation Wed Oct 21 11:44:12 1998
24. Cell Biology: Re: What exactly would happen if the mitochondria wasn't in the cell?, Paul Odgren, Instructor, Cell Biology, University of Massachusetts Medical School (Dept. of Cell Biology) Mon Nov 9 15:23:25 1998
25. Evolution: How did mitochondirial genes migrate into the nuclear genome?, Jesse, undergrad Fri Oct 21 16:07:26 2005


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