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1. Physics: Re: influence of light in directing plasma, Bart Broks, Quant/Strategist Sun Apr 6 02:22:34 2008
2. Physics: How can you predict plasma temperatures?, Isaac, grad (science) Tue Nov 13 15:05:57 2001
3. Chemistry: Re: What happens to the molecules in a physical change for a solid to a liquid?, Vernon Nemitz, , NONE, NONE Sat Dec 11 02:07:27 1999
4. Science History: Re: how was plasma discovered, Javier Castellano, Grad student, National Laboratory for Nuclear Fusion; CIEMAT - Spain Thu Nov 2 05:48:27 2000
5. Physics: Re: What 's the principle of fusion reactor and how many type of them?, Javier Castellano, Grad student, National Laboratory for Nuclear Fusion; CIEMAT - Spain Tue Dec 5 11:18:06 2000
6. Physics: Re: Can a Lens focus light to the temperature of the sun?, Adrian E. Popa, Laboratory Director Emeritus Sun Jul 25 18:52:48 2004
7. Chemistry: Re: Why are some substances solids and other gases at room temperature? , Kevin Tuttle, Undergrad student, Biology, Georgia Institute of Technology Fri May 1 08:57:08 1998
8. Chemistry: Re: Are there 5 phases of matter? Or are there only 4?, Ken Rines, Grad student, Astronomy, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Wed Nov 5 18:09:37 2003
9. Physics: Re: Why does the spark on a Jacob's ladder rise, thus becoming longer?, Steve Czarnecki, senior technical staff member, Lockheed Martin Sat Jul 18 16:36:18 1998
10. Physics: Re: Can you explain to me what is plasma or ionozed gas, Jay H. Hartley, Post-doctoral physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Lab Mon Mar 2 18:46:52 1998
11. Physics: Re: What State of Matter Are Sub Atomic Particles?, Benn Tannenbaum, Senior Program Associate Wed May 24 19:05:53 2006
12. Other: Re: Which state of matter would fire go under?, William Payne, , Electromagnetics, Altair Thu Apr 17 21:06:13 2003
13. Chemistry : Re: What are the five states of matter?, Samuel Conway, Senior Staff Chemist, Avid Therapeutics,Philadelphia, PA Wed Oct 8 20:07:57 1997
14. Chemistry: Re: please explain the 4th state of matter, plasma., Richard Bersin, Other (pls. specify below), Senior Technical Staff Member, Emergent Technologies Sat Feb 20 09:47:51 1999
15. Physics: Re: How are very high temperatures generated. , David Lien, Staff, Planetary Science, Planetary Science Institute Tue Dec 21 17:09:38 2004
16. Earth Science : RE: Auroras, Keith Little, Systems Analyst/Programmer Sat Nov 23 15:14:38 1996
17. Physics : RE: Plasma state., Mark Bachman, Post-doc/Fellow Physics Mon Sep 9 12:55:48 1996
18. Physics: Re: The universe is expanding does that mean that all , Michael Wohlgenannt, Grad student, Department of Theoretical Physics , University of Munich, Germany Tue May 18 04:29:44 2004
19. Physics: Re: Can you disintegrate a molecule by playing back it's resonating frequency?, Adrian E. Popa, Laboratory Director Emeritus Sat Jan 22 16:58:10 2005
20. Astronomy: Re: Why does the sun reverse its magnetic poles?, Peter Thejll, Staff, Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Danish Meteorological Institute Mon Feb 19 15:19:25 2001
21. Physics: Re: If you pass micro and radio waves through an ionized gas,, Edward Peterson, Staff, Chemical Engineering, S&B Engineers and Constructors Sun Dec 16 09:49:47 2001
22. Chemistry: Re: What state of Matter is toothpaste? , Werner Sieber, Research Scientist, Colors Division, Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp. Fri Mar 9 02:47:21 2001
23. Physics: Can you explain to me what is plasma or ionozed gas, Gary, other Sun Mar 1 08:13:11 1998
24. Chemistry: Re: Phase change from gas to plasma, Robert Kribel, Faculty, Physics, Auburn University Tue Oct 17 13:15:54 2000
25. Astronomy: Re: what is difference between solar winds, solar flares, coronal mass ejection, John W. Weiss, Grad Student in Planetary Science Fri Mar 24 14:24:50 2000


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