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Re: Properties of Solutions

Area: Chemistry
Posted By: Samuel Conway, Medicinal Chemistry
Date: Mon May 13 06:59:58 1996

Remember that the boiling point of water is increased when something
is dissolved in it; that's how antifreeze, which is ethylene glycol
dissolved in water, works.  The boiling point of water is increased
by 0.51 degrees Celsius for every mole of substance that is dissolved
in 1 kilogram of water.  Materials that ionize in water act as though
each ion is a different substance:  sodium chloride, which breaks
into two ions, will increase the boiling point 1.02 degrees (2 x 0.51)
and calcium chloride (an ice-melt) will increase the boiling point
1.53 degrees (3 x 0.51) for each mole dissolved in 1 kg.  You need
to go up about 7 degrees Celsius, though, and you won't get that much
salt into water.  However, SUGAR is almost infinitely soluble in
water.  All you need to do is dissolve the right number of moles of
sugar in the water to raise the boiling point as far as necessary.
Just don't leave it in there too long!

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