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Subject: Water experiments

Date: Thu Mar 21 09:49:48 1996
Posted by: Annette Hinrichs
Grade level: K-3
School/Organization: Chief Joseph Elementary School
City: Meridian State/Province: Idaho
Country: USA
Area of science: Chemistry
Mad Scientists:

	My students did the following activity and came up with some

hypotheses. Would you please comment.

We had three cups of water.One cup of salt water,one cup of plain

water, and bubbley water and put two drops of blue food coloring

in each one. Ryan Kettner age 8

The bubbly water is blue first because the bubbles spread the

food coloring. Ryan Erickson age 8

The salt water is like a shield and holds the food coloring for

awhile.Cody Law  age 8 1/2

The plain water does not have bubbles to move or salt to hold it

so the color just drops down. Brittany Huber age 7 1/2

 Annette Hinrichs

Second Grade Teacher, Chief Joseph Elementary

1100 East Chateau

Meridian, ID 83642

Re: Water experiments

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