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Subject: Spring Equinox

Date: Thu Mar 21 21:33:31 1996
Posted by: Ray Satterblom
Grade level: teacher/prof
School/Organization: Kouts Jr. Sr. High School
City: Kouts State/Province: IN
Country: No country given.
Area of science: Astronomy
My students and I were discussing the spring equinox the last two days 

and we thought we would get the local paper to show that there is an 

equal number of light hours and dark hours.  We looked for the sunrise

and sunset information and the closest we could find to the same sunrise

and sunset times were still minutes apart.  This also happened on the

17th of March not the 20th.  Help me to be able to explain this to my 

interested group of 7th graders.  Thanks  Ray Satterblom

Re: Spring Equinox

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