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Subject: gravity and rotation

Date: Tue Apr 2 03:53:13 1996
Posted by: Morgan Kauffman
Grade level: 4-6
School/Organization: River Oaks Elementary
City: Houston State/Province: TX
Country: US
Area of science: Physics
I know that the g goes up with radius and rotation speed, but I can't 

find it in just that way.  When I look it up, it is about angular 

momemtun.  Can you tell me the formula for the extra g as a product of 

radius and revolutoins per second?

Also, What's the TOTAL gravity at the rim of a disk that is rotating 

flat at ground level?  In other words, the spin pulls outward at ?? g's

and the Earth pulls downward at 1 g, how many g's does a bug on the 

rim feel?

Did this take algebra or trig or calculus?  Or did you just look it 


Re: gravity and rotation

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