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Subject: Chromoplasts and Leucoplasts - What are they?

Date: Wed Apr 10 04:57:21 1996
Posted by: Elise Teoh
Grade level: 10-12
School/Organization: Dalat School
City: Tanjung Bunga State/Province: Penang
Country: Malaysia
Area of science: Cell Biology
We got assigned to do an oral report on cell parts and my partner and 

I got stuck with Chromoplasts and Leucoplasts.  Our book only breifly

mentions them.  It says that Chromoplasts basically store pigment in

plants and Leucoplasts store energy molecules such as starch.  What 

are Chromoplasts and Leucoplasts made out of?  Can you give me any more

detail about what their functions are?  Are their any similar structures

in animals?  

Re: Chromoplasts and Leucoplasts - What are they?

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