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Subject: Green tea/medicinal properties?

Date: Thu Apr 11 09:44:12 1996
Posted by: Jeff Jones
Grade level: 4-6
School/Organization: Purdue University Extension
City: Indianapolis State/Province: In.
Country: Marion
Area of science: Botany
When doing a program for 7th grade science classes on medicinal/poisonous 
plants recently a young 

ous plants recently, a young lady of apparrent asian decent asked a question that fully 

stumped me ... does green tea have any 'medicinal' properties... a darn good 
question since I had just given several good examples, I was just ignorant 

n good one . I admit ignorance concerning even what it originates from. 
y only response was that I would find out the answer and that I felt that 
'probably' it was folklore that has

been handed down for many years though careful not to offend... please 


Re: Green tea/medicinal properties?

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