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RE: What on earth is an INODE?

Area: Computer Science
Posted By: Keith Little, Systems Analyst/Programmer
Date: Thu Nov 21 19:00:02 1996


UNIX files don't actually reside inside directories. A directory is really a file that contains references to other files. The directory holds two pieces of information about each file:

  - Its filename.
  - An inode number which acts as a pointer to where the system can
    find the information it needs about this file.
Filenames are only used by the system to locate a file and its inode number. This correspondence is called a link. To the system, the file is the inode number. Multiple filenames can be used to refer to the same file by creating a link between an inode and each of the filenames.

For more information about UNIX, you can refer to the "UNIX Help for Users" documentation at the following URL:

Have a great day!

Keith Little
Systems Analyst/Programmer

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