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Subject: Tape Worms

Date: Thu May 30 07:35:01 1996
Posted by: Deborah Stafford
Grade level: 10-12
School/Organization: Gen H.H. Arnold High School
City: Wiesbaden State/Province: Hesse
Country: Germany
Area of science: Microbiology
We are a 10th grade biology class working on a project.  Out study is of
tape worms.

We have some questions:

1.  Would it be possible to use a tape worm to treat obesity?
Is it possible, in other words, to manage a tape worm?

2.  What countries have the most problems with tapeworms?

3.  What general information can you provide on Bilharzia?
Is there any reason why bilharzia is increasing?  Does it have to do with our food supply?

Tahira Jones  

Re: Tape Worms

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