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Re: descaling water magnetically

Area: Physics
Posted By: william beaty, Engineer / Interactive exhibit designer
Date: Sat Oct 26 13:53:22 1996
Message ID: 833685540.Ph

This is a very interesting topic. Up until recently, it has been the belief of mainstream science that static magnetic fields have no direct effects on chemical reactions. This belief was used to "debunk" the magnetic water softener devices. But I finally saw a news item on Compuserve where a chemist actually tested the magnet devices and found that they really work, and that the effect is apparently NOT some sort of magnetohydrodynamics electric current effect, but that the b-field is doing something mysterious to the Ca ions.

This is upsetting, because it implies that the "healers" who have long been ridiculed for using permanent magnets as medical devices, placing them on people's bodies, and who have long been the target of ridicule and derision from the mainstream sci/medical community, might have been correct all along.

Unfortunately I did not write down the details of the Compuserve message, so I do not have a reference to give you about the chemist's findings. If I find it, I will put it on my CLOSEMINDED SCIENCE web page at

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