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Subject: RE: Dinosaurs

Posted by Roger Raimist
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Area of science: Evolution
Hi Devin, 

You ask a very good question. We know some things and are guessing 

at others. We do know the pattern and texture of the skin of most 

dinosaurs as they have often been well preserved in fossils. We do not 

know what color the skin was. We have a good idea though. We look at

modern reptiles and look at their color and their behavior. Are they

brightly colored to scare off predators? This might be true of herbivorous

forms. Are they dull colored for camouflage? A prey form might be this way.

Are they using color for mate attraction desplays? These are the questions

we ask ourselves and based upon modern forms and what we know about the

dinosaurs, we guess. Are we correct? We do not know but they are educated

guesses. Check out THE SCHOOL PAGE 

The School Page

there is a link to dinosaur information you might like. 

Thanks for asking a very good question.

Doc. R.