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Re: RE: Hurricanes

Area: Earth Science
Posted By: Mike Roginsky,
Date: Mon Aug 5 13:27:55 1996

Hi Matthew: You've got the right idea, but it is impractical at this time. It will take a lot of liquid nitrogen to cool a hurricane off. The energy produced by a nominal size hurricane is equal to several atomic bombs. Besides we still cannot predict where the storm moves. The hurricane mechanism is a huge thermal machine that intensifies over warm water. If there was a trully clean hydrogen bomb, maybe it could disorganize the storm. But even hydrogen bombs produce lethal albeit short lived radiation. This is why we need scientists like you to keep pushing technology to the point it works for our common benefit. If you want to chat more feel free to email me at or go through the nice folks at the MAD.SCI.NET :) MAD.SCIENTIST.Micro

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