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Subject: water quality testing

Posted by Carol L. Fletcher
Grade level: grad
School: University of TX
City: Pflugerville State/Province: TX
Country: USA
Area of science: Chemistry
I am a former middle school science teacher working on my Ph.D. in 
science education.  I would like to learn more about water quality 
testing, specifically testing for dissoved oxygen,
carbon dioxide, phosphates, nitrates, and coliform bacteria.
Most of the lab activities I have seen must be used in conjuction
with some type of comprehensive kit that schools must purchase
but that doesn't actually describe what chemicals are used in 
each experiment. I would like to learn how to perform quantitative
tests for the above by purchasing my own chemicals rather than
spending hundreds of dollars on a commercial kit.Can you tell me
what chemical procedures can be conducted to test for the above 
with middle school students?

Re: water quality testing

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