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Subject: Tide pool life

Date: Sat Jul 13 01:15:43 1996
Posted by: Jane Cramer
Grade level: other
School/Organization: school of life
City: Port Orford State/Province: Oregon
Country: USA
Area of science: Zoology
When I walk on the beach at different times of the year, 
I find the sand moves onto and off of the shore. In winter 
and early spring I see many sea stars of various kinds,
sunflower stars, anemones etc. As the spring progresses 
into summer and fall, the sand moves in and the places I 
saw these animals are covered. Large rocks are covered, 
the beach looks like nothing more than flat sand. My 
question is: what happens to the tide pool life when the
sand moves in? Does it go into a stage of hibernation until
uncovered? Can it survive under all the sand? If so, how?

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