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Re: RE: Crohns disease

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Posted By: David Chaplin,
Date: Tue Aug 6 09:53:21 1996
Crohn's disease is a disease characterized by inflammation of the wall of the 
intestine.  It is one of a group of illnesses called "Inflammatory Bowel 
Disease" or IBD.  It's cause is unknown.  It characteristically affects several
 different parts of the intestine, with skipped areas that show no inflammation. 
 It can affect any portion of the gastrointestinal tract from the small 
intestine to the anus.  Symptoms vary from patient to patient, and vary over 
time, but most individuals with Crohn's disease have abdominal pain, cramping, 
and persistent diarrhea.  In more severe cases, the inflammation can lead to 
perforation of the intestine, leading to infection that may require surgery.  
There are many excellent support groups for patients with Crohn's disease.  
Some good Web sources (there are many more, as well) for more information 
about Crohn's Disease are: NIH Crohn's and 
NIH Digestive System  

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