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Re: Snout Butterfly

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Posted By: Kelleen Flaherty, Staff, Biology
Date: Tue Aug 6 10:00:34 1996
Message ID: 839177624.Zo

Hi Virginia!

I could spend hours looking this stuff up, but you get get much better, more 
thorough information from the southwestern butterfly pros, of which there are 
several either in or affiliated with Tucson, AZ.  My recommendation is that you 
contact the Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute (run by one Steve Prchal).  It's
web address is: SASI.
If you don't have 
access to the web, you can email them directly at:  I was at
a conference there last summer attended by several butterfly experts, one of 
which led a day-long hike into a canyon where they observed and identified 
butterflies and discussed behavior, migration, and the like.  Steve will be able
to answer your question directly, or will know immediately to whom it should be 
directed.  SASI is well worth joining if you are an educator interested in 
entomology - they have an excellent annual conference (which just ended 
yesterday), as well as an informative newsletter.  

Alternatively, if you have access to the web, there are a lot of sites limited 
exclusively to butterflies.  Try this site for an extensive listing of the best 
bug links on the web: Entomology.
But be 
careful, not only is it an extensive list, you could spend hours trolling 
through all the sources - I know wherefrom I speak.

I apologize for not giving you a direct answer, but I knw you can get more 
complete information through these other methods.

Thanks for your interest!

Kelleen Flaherty

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