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Subject: Virus

Date: Fri Aug 23 11:29:29 1996
Posted by: Vincent Buijtendijk
Grade level: 7-9
School/Organization: No school given.
City: Den Helder State/Province: Noord-Holland
Country: the Netherlands
Area of science: Computer Science
Message ID: 840817769.Cs
Today I read in the paper that there is a new virus, called
Hare 7610, Krsna or HDEuthanasia. They say it can affect
complete hard-disk and that the virus is spread on the
Internet. Anti-Virus software doesn't give any solution,
only (maybe) the 'Doctor Salomons anti-virus toolkit' but
that program is 325 dollar. My question is, are other Anti-
Virus software (like McAfee Antivirus) already creating a 
antivirus program that's much cheaper ? And how can I
prevent (without stopping with Internet) that my PC will
be infected, and how can I see if my computer is already

Vincent Buijtendijk 

Re: Virus

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