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Subject: The color of the iris

Date: Sat Aug 31 08:34:19 1996
Posted by: Peter Weijnitz
Grade level: teacher/prof
School/Organization: No school given.
City: Stockholm State/Province: No state given.
Country: Sweden
Area of science: Evolution
Message ID: 841498459.Ev
I would like to know the why some people have blue and some
 have brown eye color, usually people with blue eyes 
is found northern Europe.
I think it has something to do with the ambient light condititions, 
but I can only speculate about the details. 
How will blue eyes increase the light sensitivity?
I know that the iris (and also the white part of the eye) is
partly (diffusively) transparent, but image information 
surely can not pass through these parts.
Peter W

Re: The color of the iris

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