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Subject: chigger lifecycle

Date: Mon Sep 16 12:30:44 1996
Posted by: Paula Wilson
Grade level: teacher/prof
School/Organization: Carl Stuart Middle School
City: Conway State/Province: AR.
Country: USA
Area of science: General Biology
Message ID: 842895044.Gb
I live in the South, where chiggers are the bane of summertime
existence.  I don't understand the lifecycle of chiggers.  I
read that they are present on plants, get picked up by humans,
burrow under the skin and act as parasites.  Ok, so what happens
next?  Do they die on the human body?  Do they crawl away after
feeding?  If so, where do they go?  If they die, what was the	
point of latching on to the human?  Where do they reproduce?
If they are immature, what do they become when they mature?
I appreciate any insight into this itchy question you can give.
		Thanks, Paula

Re: chigger lifecycle

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