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Posted By: Keith Little, Computer Science
Date: Wed Oct 9 15:42:56 1996
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Jenna-lynne and Juliana,

About 4-1/2 billion years ago, there was a big cloud of dust and
hydrogen gas floating around inside our galaxy.  After a while,
gravity caused it collapse into a disk shape and spin faster, like
a skater pulling in her arms.  The gas also formed the Sun, and the
planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranis and Neptune, while the other planets,
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and pluto, are mostly made of dust (which
formed rocks), with some gas.

Now this dust is really made of elements (such as iron, nickel and
aluminum), much heavier than the hydrogen, helium and other gasses that
make up the larger planets.  Actually, they were made by nuclear fusion
inside red giant stars, long before our sun and planets existed.  As a
matter of fact, the material that makes up your bodies came from the
earth, and therefore, the same stars!

Have a great day,

Keith Little

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