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Re: Science Fair Question

Area: Environment/Ecology
Posted By: Matthew McConeghy, Faculty Science
Date: Sat Oct 12 07:50:38 1996
Message ID: 843657500.En

I am surprised that you are having a tough time finding information 
on this subject. I think you should try to look in these places:

First, talk to your family doctor. Most physicians are pretty much up 
on the topic of skin cancer and ultraviolet. He (She) might have some books 
or pamphlets that you could borrow. Or, you might call the Dermatologist 
(M.D. who specializes in skin disease) in your town.

There have beens lots of articles about ultraviolet because of all the 
concern about the ozone layer depletion, you should be able to find some 
articles in the web sites that are aimed at Ozone Layer problems. Another 
topic is the concern about Tanning Salons and how people are 
hurting themselves by getting too much ultraviolet at those places.

I think if you did an internet web search looking for skin cancer and 
ozone you would be able to get lots of good references.

Good luck!


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