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Subject: poison dart frogs

Date: Sun Oct 20 18:25:31 1996
Posted by: brett pledger
Grade level: K-3
School/Organization: Tumalo Elementary School
City: Bend State/Province: Oregon
Country: USA
Area of science: Zoology
Message ID: 845853931.Zo
Dear Mr. Scientist,

I am in second grade at Tumalo Elementary School.  I am
doing a report on Poison Dart Frogs.  I have some questions
that I'd like you to answer.  My report has to have an 
interview with an expert.

1)  How do zoos catch the frogs for the displays ?
2)  How many eggs do they lay at a time?
3)  How does the poison come out of their skin?
4)  How long do they live?
5)  How long is their tongue?

Thank you for your help.  My mom helped me type this on the

Brett Pledger

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Re:poison dart frogs

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