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Subject: Jumping Passengers on Rough Road part 2

Posted by Au Chun Chung
Grade level: grad
School: Chinese University of Hong Kong
City: No city given. State/Province: No state given.
Country: Hong Kong
Area of science: Physics
Date: Thu Nov 21 10:32:10 1996
Refering to the answer of Mr. Ronald Fisch date Mar 27, 1996, 
since no part of the body of a bus is fixed to act like a pivot, 
even though the front part of a bus is accelerating upward at a rate
greater than g, the back part of the bus still cannot accelerate 
downward at a rate higher than g. The question on why we see the 
passengers float up in air remain unresolved.  Again, is it because
of the spring system?

Re: Jumping Passengers on Rough Road part 2

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