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Re: Could people in isolated areas connect to the internet by radio?

Area: Computer Science
Posted By: Keith Little, Systems Analyst/Programmer
Date: Tue Jan 7 10:21:52 1997

If you're referring to country people in the USA, it's easy to get cheap
($20/mo) internet access these days, as most local (and long distance)
phone companies now provide such service.

If we're talking about people in other countries (say, the middle of
Africa), it's a little harder, but not impossible.  Take for instance,
this report I found on the net:

    "Remote Internet Access Using Radio and Satellite-based
    Communication Systems in Tachira and Apure, Venezuela"

It can be found at:

It's a very interesting paper, with information about about packet
radio networks, like Ham radio operators use.

Hope this helps, and have a great day!

Keith Little

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