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Subject: What is the fastest way to cook pasta?

Date: Tue Jan 28 18:05:11 1997
Posted by: Linda Lacy
Grade level: teacher/prof
School/Organization: Aurora Junior High
City: Aurora State/Province: MO
Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
Message ID: 854496311.Ph
What is the fastest way to cook pasta?
If no more heat is gained when water reaches the boiling temperature,
why does my pasta recipe say to bring the water back to a rapid boil?
My husband (the Ph.D.) says that we might as well turn the heat down 
because the water will not get any hotter - and the pasta won't cook 
any faster.  I say it needs to boil!
Can you settle this based on scientific fact while we both cook pasta
using our own methods? 

Re:What is the fastest way to cook pasta?

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