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Subject: Why do tall things fall harder?

Date: Tue Jan 28 22:54:28 1997
Posted by: Darcy Vance for Sara Vance
Grade level: K-3
School/Organization: North Side Elementary
City: Kendallville State/Province: IN
Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
Message ID: 854513668.Ph
Why do tall things fall harder?
For Lynn Bry-My daughter recently submitted a ? re:force and height. 
Your  answer led her in the right direction (I think). She held a 
folding ruler upright and let it freefall onto a "seesaw". When the
ruler was folded the cork on the other end of the seesaw flew up to
an avg height of 8", when the ruler was extended and the cork flew
much higher on each attempt. You said the mass of the ruler remains
the same whether folded or unfolded and gave her the equation
		Force = mass x acceleration
Because force is what she was measuring and you said the mass stays 
the same, she looked at acceleration. She is guessing the force is
"harder" because the extended ruler has farther to fall and things 
speed up the longer they fall. It makes sense to me. Could you 
confirm? By the way-she is a 3rd grade kid who LOVES science. Thanks 
for your help.

Re:Why do tall things fall harder?

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