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Re: Eyesight and Virtual Reality

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Posted By: Steve Marvell, Independant Researcher, Fysh (One of the)
Date: Tue Feb 11 21:20:50 1997
Message ID: 855414409.Cs

> I have been fasinated by the spreas of VR but I have never had the
> opportunity to use it yet.
You really must try it. Some people don't seem to like it much. Since I was using it, some 3 years ago, I am sure things have moved on. Then, there were all sorts of problems which were caused by over ambitious programmers trying to push the computer systems to do more than they could handle. With the speed of machines today, I guess most of these problems would have been ironed out.
> By what I have seen pictures are shown into each eye at very close
> range. Do you need good or equal eyesight in both eyes to be able to see it
> properly?
The term 'properly' is quite hard to define in your case. If a person with monoscopic vision said that they can see the _real_ world properly, then they will be able to see the virtual world properly.

The world is rendered for two eyes. To see the world 'fully' or 'as intended' you must have stereoscopic vision.

Essentially, a person will see the virtual world with the same 'fullness' as the real world. Those compensations made my monoscopic visualisers will apply in the VW as well as the RW.

It is also true that most headsets have enough room for a pair of glasses.

> I have 80% vision in my left eye but I am legally blind in the other & I am
> worried that my brain might not be able to understand VR at so close a
> range with the headsets.
As I have said, you will appreciate the Virtual World in the same way that you appreciate the Real World.

Hope this helps.

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