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Subject: In response to 'How to build a paper chair.'

Date: Sun Feb 9 22:09:52 1997
Posted by: Michael Hurley
Grade level: nonaligned
School/Organization: No school entered.
City: Lusby State/Province: MD
Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
Message ID: 855547792.Eg
In response to 'How to build a paper chair.'
Would it not have been easier to just stack the paper with very little
glue applied until the stack hit the desired height and been done with
it.  Much easier than trying to shape paper and it will hold more 
weight than you can put on it.  Don't forget to KISS (keep it simple
_t_p_d).  Not everything has to be complicated.

Re:In response to 'How to build a paper chair.'

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