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Subject: To any Engineer

Date: Wed Feb 19 19:44:04 1997 Posted by Thomas Huynh
Grade level: 7-9
School: Crestwood Middle School
City: Grand Rapids State/Province: Michigan
Country: United States
Area of science: Engineering ID: 856403044.Eg

If everybody, every technology was destroyed and you were the only one on the planet Earth, how would you survive? What would you build in order to survive? How would you build them?

I am asking you this question because in school, me and 64 other 7th graders are playing a game where we are on the planet Earth and we are the only people inhabiting Earth (except for a few "tribes" here and there), and we need to survive by reinventing the wheel, reinventing fire, making gunpowder, etc. We can have alliances or declare war against each other. Our teacher (the tribes-master) sees what we do and by the roll of a twenty-sided dice (there are many probabilities), figures out if we can make the invention successfully that we want to make, but we need to research on the thing first, and then we need to draw it out on a notebook and show it to the tribes-master. After surviving, we can choose what we want to do after that, we can make castles, decide to make a spaceship and sail away to anywhere. On the last day of school, the tribes-master lets us do anything (even lets us be abducted by aliens!)

I will appreciate your answer(s).

Re: To any Engineer

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