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Re: Protecting computers/diskettes in humid conditions?

Area: Computer Science
Posted By: Keith Little, Computer Programmer
Date: Sun Feb 23 14:04:52 1997
Message ID: 854469129.Cs


These are the recommended limits for diskettes:

            Temperature  Humidity
            -----------  --------
Operating:  10 C - 60 C  8% - 80%
Storage:     4 C - 52 C  9% - 80%

Obviously, the humidity in your location is the problem, not the temperature.
The primary thing I'd recommend is moving your computer into an air-conditioned,
dehumidified, weather-sealed room.  It would be a good investment in order to
protect your valuable data.

I also wouldn't recommend cleaning the data surface of your diskettes.  That
could cause as much damage as you might hope to prevent.  Here are some other

  - Store them under ultaviolet lights to reduce fungus (but not closer than
    1/2 meter).

  - Clean only the plastic carrier with a soft cloth lightly wetted with
    isopropyl alcohol.

  - Buy a floppy drive cleaning kit.

  - Buy a high capacity hard drive and transfer the data from your diskettes.
    They're fairly inexpensive now.  Store your diskettes in sealed containers
    with silica gel.  Also, back-up your hard drive to tape and store the tape
    with the diskettes.

You might also contact the 3M company for more ideas at:

or at their office in Brazil:

   3M do Brasil Ltda. 
   Via Anhanguera Km 110, 13170-970 
   Sumare, Sao Paulo, Brasil 
   Phone: 55-19-864-7000 
   Fax: 55-19-864-1206 

Hope this helps, and have a great day!

Keith Little

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