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Subject: How do I make a #12 Nickel wire explode

Date: Sat Feb 15 17:30:07 1997
Posted by: Spencer Sailsbery
Grade level: undergrad
School/Organization: I attended BYU in 1981-1983
City: Lewiston State/Province: Idaho
Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
Message ID: 856049407.Ph
How do I make a #12 Nickel wire explode
I am afraid that I am no scientist.  I would hesitate to even call myself an amateur scientist.  
Actually I am a plumbing contractor.  Anyway I am very interested in becoming an amateur scintist 
and want to start with the extremely high temperatures created at the moment a wire explodes 
(I read somewhere that the temperatures created can come close to those of the sun). 
I would like to find out .  If you can help me please E-Mail me back.

Re:How do I make a #12 Nickel wire explode

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