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Subject: Can species be genetically intertwined?

Date: Sun Mar 2 02:10:39 1997
Posted by: Patrick Hughes
Grade level: undergrad
School/Organization: Oberlin College
City: Oberlin State/Province: OH
Country: No country entered.
Area of science: Genetics
Message ID: 857290239.Ge
Can species be genetically intertwined?
I understand that it would be difficult to gentically synthesize a 
hybrid species,becuase of the difficulties of creating a viable embryo,
 but given the advent of cloning (see Molly), would such 
cross-breeding now become more of a possiblity, given 
the ability to recreate and experiment with genetic versions 
of two interconnecting DNA strands?  Or is the technology for this
type of playing-god, still in the realm of science fiction?
Kinda scary.  Thanks in advance.

Re:Can species be genetically intertwined?

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