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Re: time and possibility

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Posted By: Gaby Hayon, Phd student at the Neural computation department
Date: Tue Mar 25 03:19:19 1997
Message ID: 858354187.Ph

Dear Wayne, Einstein special and general relativity are two theories of space and time. In the special theory of relativity he finds out that space and time are part of a four dimensional space-time which can't be disintegrated. One implication of it is the fact that two actions that are synchronious for someone may be un-synchronious for someone else moving at high velocities. In his general theory of relativity, Einstein explain what is gravitation in this four dimentional space-time. He claims that gravity is a "distortion" in space-time (check out this site for such an image). So, it is not that a distortion in space can distorb time, but gravity is a distortion in space-time. You can also read more about the history and general principles of general relativity in this general relativity site. For more questions, and clarification of this answer, email me. Yours, Gaby.

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