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Subject: chemistry of antibodies and vaccines

Date: Mon Mar 17 16:28:34 1997
Posted by Jose Cabral
Grade level: 10-12
School: Secundaria do Restelo
City: Lisboa State/Province: Lisboa
Country: Portugal
Area of science: Immunology
ID: 858637714.Im
I'm 15 years old.
My teacher of Chemistry asked me and some of coleages to do a work about
the chemistry of medicaments. When we plan the work, we divided medical drugs in groups.
Each one of us has to do the part about a group. My group is vaccines!
When I began my rechearch I understod that this is a very complicated
group because its not about some chemicals we give a patient to do something
but about a way of induce the organism to produce antibodies.
So, can you help me? I need to know the essencials (not a very deep aproach)
on these subjects and I don't know where to find simple and concise information.
Please don't forget that this is not a work in biology but in chemistry
so the chemical mechanisms that are involved are the subject of my work.
Please help me ... 

Re: chemistry of antibodies and vaccines

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