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Subject: Sun expanding?

Date: Wed Apr 2 22:11:51 1997
Posted by Kenneth Johnson
Grade level: K-3
School: Hard Knocks
City: Ste-Marie State/Province: Quebec
Country: Canada
Area of science: Earth Science
ID: 860040711.Es

If the sun is expanding, would it not cause the same state as is now being attributed to the green-house effect? Danger of intense ultraviolet radiation? A depletion of the ozone layer? An increase in global temperatures? This last, I find hard to believe as I live in Canada, any increase in global temperatures would be a welcome relief up here. Try OUR winters. Oh yes, as an after thought. The last two years have been rather soggy down in your mid southern areas. I would like to think that Nature is trying to restore the depleted water tables. By the way, where I live in Quebec we get flooded out quite frequently durring the spring thaw. We often leave home by boat.
Thanks for reading and hope I to hear from you soon.

Respectfuly Kenneth G. Johnson

Re: Sun expanding?

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