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Subject: Should I eat yoghurts when on anti-biotics?

Date: Wed Apr 9 09:55:11 1997
Posted by Hugh McManus
Grade level: teacher/prof
School: SacredHeart Secondary School
City: Clonakilty State/Province: Co Cork
Country: Rep of Ireland
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 860597711.Me
My mother says that she heard from somebody, (don't they always?) that
yoghurts are good for helping to restore in your stomach some sort of nice
bacteria which are meant to be in your stomach, but which get attacked when
your on anti-biotics.  Thus, she postulates, one should eat yoghurst to help
you feel better.  It sounds plausible.  However, it also sounds plausible
that if you keep eating yoghurts and restoring such things in your stomach,
the ani-biotics will be so busy in your stomach that they won't get a chance
to clear up your infection or whatever.

It's even more plausible that yoghurts and anti-biotics have nothing to do
with eachother, and that my mother's friend is daft.

Or perhaps it depends on whether or not the yoghurt is "real" yoghurt or not.

Perhaps you can help.
(I know nothing of micro-thingies and the like; I'm a sums-type.)

Re: Should I eat yoghurts when on anti-biotics?

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