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Subject: Is life still spontaneously forming?

Date: Tue Apr 15 23:32:39 1997
Posted by: Jonathan Powell
Grade level: grad
School/Organization: Columbia University
City: New York State/Province: New York
Country: USA
Area of science: Evolution
Message ID: 861165159.Ev
Is life still spontaneously forming?
I never hear about primitive life forming today -- it always seems
to have formed millions of years ago, and then stopped forming
spontaneously once the process of life began, and instead began
evolving and perpetuating.  But why would life not continuously be
forming?  I have heard speculation that life on the Jovian moon
might form near deep underwater thermal vents.  Do not similar
vents continue to exist on the earth...along with water and other
elements necessary for the formation of life?  What's the story?

Re:Is life still spontaneously forming?

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