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Subject: Various Moon Questions

Date: Sat Apr 19 12:30:37 1997
Posted by Lossy Lossnitzer
Grade level: other
School: I am 32 and waiting for nanotech to regenerate me
City: London State/Province: No state entered.
Country: UK
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 861471037.As
Does the moon have any atmosphere or does it just radiate into space
if we were to populate the moon would we have a similar magnetic
field to protect us against Solar radiation. Is the Moons core
liquid metal as ours is. What would the effect of a comet hitting
the moon have on Earth and has any large Metors hit the moon this 
century like the one that hit Siberia in ?? 1907 ?? .

Would it create strange shock waves on Earth 

Does the moon have a constant distance from the Earth or is
it moving closer of further from th Earth. Just trying to get the
feel of how the tidal waters would be affected. 

Cheers Lots of good answers in the Archives (Good Knowledge Base)

Re: Various Moon Questions

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