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Re: Iron Working?

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Posted By: Tod Flak, Post-doc/Fellow Engineering
Date: Tue Apr 22 11:45:03 1997
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Dear Thomas,

I'm afraid that I know very little about this subject, so about the best I can do is point you in the right direction for some more research. I got onto an email-list called "arch-metals", which is devoted to discussion of all aspects of archaeo-metallurgy - that is, the study of prehistoric methods of metallurgy. I posed the question on to the list of whether there was any good Web resources that would explain the process of iron smelting in Medieval times. Here are the responses I got:

If you would like to pursue this question further, I suggest you check at a local library for some of the references listed above. You might also like to look at some of these Web sites which I found a little helpful:

The Archaeo-metallurgy mail list (archives, subscription info)

Experiments on Copper-Smelting at Rocca San Silvestro, organized by the University of Siena. Has some sketches and a little explanation of a possible prehistoric process of copper smelting.

University of Bradford, Ancient Metallurgy Research Group
University of Bradford, Archaeometallurgical links


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