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Re: Density of Carbonated Liquids

Area: Chemistry
Posted By: Jason Hajinakitas, Post-Doctoral Fellow,CSIRO
Date: Mon Apr 28 01:11:20 1997
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 859758113.Ch
Everly, you are exactly right, as the carbonated liquid contains dissolved 
Carbon dioxide it's density will be less than in its "flat" state.  Hence
the possibility of keeping balls of a single density suspended is remote.
   It would be a good experiment to do at home to measure out a certain 
volume of a carbonated drink and allow it to go flat and then see what 
the volume change was.  The difference in density and hence the amount of 
carbon dioxide in the drink could then be calculated.
Dr. Jase.

P.S.  Sorry about the tardiness of the reply but as a professional scientist 
I spend a lot of my time on field trips.  I just returned from 4 weeks in
Tasmania (Australia) where our group was investigating environmental 
issues relating to mining operations.

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