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Subject: Science and Technology in Elizabethan Times

Date: Mon Apr 21 14:22:44 1997
Posted by Kristine McCauley
Grade level: 10-12
School: Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute
City: Ingersoll State/Province: Ontario
Country: Ontario
Area of science: Science History
ID: 861650564.Sh
      We are doing an English project on this and my partner Ben, and I
can't find anything on the net, and in our school library.  We were interested
to find your web site, and we decided to see if you would have any information.
  God, I'd rather be in Physics right now!  We were given a web site with our topic
it didn't have anything!  It was http:/ there
was just a picture of some Elizabethan men that were taking out a guys heart.  It was 
kinda' cool, but no information.  We are in desperate need of this information, our project
is due in two days (I think).  Again the topic is Science and Technology in Elizabethan England,
we would appreciate it.  Thanks' a lot, and we hope to hear from you.

                                     Kristine McCauley and Ben Canall :-)

Re: Science and Technology in Elizabethan Times

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