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Subject: The Earths Orbit around the Sun/ Solar Flares

Date: Sat Apr 19 11:41:26 1997
Posted by Lossy Lossnitzer
Grade level: other
School: I am 32 and waiting for nanotech to regenerate me
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Country: UK
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 861468086.As
Are we moving away from the sun or nearer and does the moon
affect our orbit long term. Do Solar Flares push us away from
the sun after all if the earth magnetic field stops bombardment
of particals surely this means that an element of resistance is

Does the Energy andamp; Flare material return back to the sun and
how is mercury affected by these big flares does it show a wobble
or anything??
Cheers Lots of good answers in the Archives (Good Knowledge Base)

Re: The Earths Orbit around the Sun/ Solar Flares

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