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Subject: Is Planks constant a function of Hubbles constant

Date: Mon Apr 14 23:03:03 1997
Posted by: Vera Cranor
Grade level: 10-12
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City: Celina State/Province: TN
Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
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Is Planks constant a function of Hubbles constant
As the universe expands, there are more places to be today, than there
were yesterday. Thus, the ambiguity in any quantum state becomes a
function of the expansion of the universe. Thus Hubbles constant
is a function of Planks constant.

Perhaps the speed of light is zero. The apparent position of the 
energy that we call light, is the propagating ambiguity of the 
expanding universe, which expands in a way analogous to the 
propagation of a wave. Though the energy may yet be a particle.
Thus the speed of light is also a function of Hubble.

Re:Is Planks constant a function of Hubbles constant

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