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Subject: Is it really safe to eat aphanizomenon flos aqua ?

Date: Thu May 15 07:17:39 1997
Posted by Marty Maayan
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City: Spring Hill State/Province: Fl
Country: USA
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I have examined much data re the above.  Commonly know as super bluegreen algae 
there remains some question as to the safety due to the periodic bloom of
mycocystins in Klamath Lake.  There are further questions as to the effects, both 
short and long term and both cumulative and direct, of these toxins in the human 
body (and animal as well).  Apparently the FDA is willing to accept 1% as OK but 
questions are emerging.  I have searched for data far and wide to no avail.  
Can you help me with the latest please.  This is very important as I have 
contact with several persons who might be ill from this stuff.  Thank you.

Re: Is it really safe to eat aphanizomenon flos aqua ?

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