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Subject: image resolution limits

Date: Tue May 13 23:04:09 1997
Posted by Lloyd Hargrove
Grade level: grad
School: n/a
City: Shreveport State/Province: Louisiana
Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 863582649.Ph
Is there a recognized limit on the ultimate resolution for magnification
of a given area's original image capture?  What is the smallest line of 
light transmitted intelligence which can be manipulated and expanded to 
show details such as derived from instruments such as the Hubble
 satelite telescope?  Or conversely, a small image magnified?  How is light
bent around solid objects and yet show a complete image, such as by putting 
a coin in a telescope's objective, and yet the coin is not seen, the image
on the other side is, around the edges of the coin.  

Re: image resolution limits

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