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Re: Can AIDS be spread by insect bites?

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Date: Wed Jun 25 00:50:38 1997
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Can AIDS be spread by insect bites? While it is not impossible, contracting AIDS from an insect bite is extremely unlikely. Why is it so unlikely? Lets look at what would have to happen for , say, a mosquito to infect someone with HIV. First of all, the mosquito would have to bite person infected with HIV. This person would also have to be in a stage of infection where HIV particles are in the blood. The blood taken by the mosquito would have to have HIV particles in it. These HIV particles would have to somehow get into the saliva of the mosquito and be transferred to a new person. More information: •from MadSci Network archive: RE: Mosquitos ans HIV by Mark Friedman, Thu Apr 25 10:44:35 1996: MSN archives •A good discussion on why insect bites are not likely to transmit HIV can be found here • info from the CDC •A great list of links to information on AIDS and HIV can be found here

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