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Subject: How can a gyroscope seemingly defy gravity?

Date: Sun Jun 8 01:49:09 1997
Posted by Jonathan Powell
Grade level: grad
School: Columbia University
City: New York State/Province: New York
Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 865752549.Ph
I searched the Mad Scientist archives and there are articles about
gyroscopes, but not this question: if you have a gyroscope with
one end elevated on a pedestal, the gyroscope can remain
perpendicular to the earth and yet not fall.  How is this possible
since gravity is pulling on the entire gyroscope?  I understand
that parts of the gyroscope are moving towards the earth and other
parts are moving away, but it seems that the entire gyroscope is
still subject to gravity.  Does the spinning somehow transfer
the gravity's downward pull to the point where the gyroscope touches
the pedestal?  If so, how is this accomplished?  Thanks!

Re: How can a gyroscope seemingly defy gravity?

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