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Re: Are machines superior to humans?

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Posted By: Dennis Windrim, ,Edmonton Public Schools
Date: Wed Jul 9 02:22:18 1997
Area of science: Other
ID: 865789594.Ot
Your question is too broad. Most machines are superior to humans in some 
respects. When you consider speed, airplanes are superior to humans. When 
you consider strength, bulldozers are superior to humans. Calculators and 
computers outperform humans when it comes to repetitive calculations, and 
no human being can outdo a public address system in a yelling contest. 
However, there is no machine which is good at as many different things as 
peple. We might not be able to run all that fast, think all that fast, or 
see all that well, but we have the ability to do all of those things to 
some degree, and the intelligence and expertise to extend those skills with 
machines which can do them better than we can.

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